On 4th November 205, Forbes Magazine has ranked Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi as 9th most Powerful Personality of World in year 2015 in “Powerful People List”. It has been an indicator of PM Modi’s popularity and his reforming actions across the Indian federal system. It I a matter of pride for India for being in Forbes list under ranking of 10 as India is one of the biggest democracy who represents 1.2 billion of people. As a leader of this huge country, Modi has penetrated his reach around every corner of World with his visits and treaties with different countries. He has been working for India’s new outlook which can change World’s perception for this glorious and historical nation.

In year 2014, Narendra Modi held 14th rank in Forbes list which in year 2015 has climbed up to 5 steps. Magazine said as India’s “Populist” Prime Minister attained 7.4 GDP growth in his very first year of PM tenure which is higher than China this year and “raised his profile” as a global leader during his meetings with Barack Obama and Xi Jinping. India’s increasing growth and many programs like Make in India His every visit and speeches are covered by world media which made him most popular politician or we can say a most popular leader of Indian political history outside the country even. How accepted leader he is, can not only be proven by only his massive mandate but the love and support he received outside the country. Who can overlook his unforgettable and noteworthy speeches in Madison Square, New York or Allphones Arena in Sydney or Wembley Stadium, London, where thousands of people experienced pride and glory as an Indian. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P11qDwDK_Gs

Silicon Valley visit highlighted importance of Indian contribution in technology and IT sector. Forbes lists hundreds of people from every sphere of globe. They can be of four dimensions like whether they have power over masses, financial resources owned and controlled by them, whether the candidate is powerful in more than one realm and whether the candidate actively used their power in society and noticeable work. Forbes Magazine chose Vladimir Putin, Russian President as the World’s most powerful person. Second position held by Angela Merkel, German Chancellor , 3rd rank has been captured by Barack Obama, US President. Before Modi 8 names are in the list is Pope Francis (4TH Position), XI  Jinping China (5th Position), Bill Gates (6TH Position), Janet Yellen (7th Position), and David Cameron, UK (8th Position).

After PM Modi, the only Indian who has been spotted in Forbes list is Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani who is ranked at the 36th position. Talking about Indian-origin people, steel tycoon Lakshmi Mittal is at the 55th rank while Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is ranked 61st out of 73 people in list. As a PM it’s not about “Shaking Hand” with the leaders of world but it takes a huge responsibility to work on country’s development current. Sailing is not an easy job as governing over 1.2 billion people who comes from different party ideologies is rowing against the water current. But Modi has one clear vision of development where moving forward with system reform is the one utmost key of attaining the goal. Amidst many remonstrations from opposition, government is only concern about fortifying the development policies and course of actions. g4Contributor: Sudha Joshi