On 28th September 2015, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed Indian Community at SAP Centre, San Jose, California. There were approximately 18000 people who visited to listen PM Modi. He dealt with various topics and spoke about Indian Government and its achievement.

PM Narendra Modi said that India has 800 Million youth and 1.6 billion young arms that can result in fast development of India. According to him, What can’t a country achieve which has the power of 800 million youth?

He congratulated the American based Indians by saying that It is all because of your brilliant efforts that India has a new image in the world. The views of people about India have changed. Now, every sector is eager to invest in India. He said that it feels good to interact with half million people of Indian-origin. Because of your skills, the old image of India is gone and across the world. I am thankful for the magic of your fingers on the internet device (computer) keyboard. He discussed about achievement of India in his governance.

Mr. Modi said, “From Upanishads we have moved to Upagraha”.“India gets succeeded in its Mars mission in the very first attempt.” Today we have moved on from Upanishad to Upagraha. India is the first country who has this great achievement in the first mission to Mars. Now, these satellites are helping our nation’s progress.

Today, there are two major threats to the world – Terrorism and Global Warming. We have to fight against these critical issues. It can be only possible when we can come in a group with efficient support to each other. If we have faith in humanity, we can defeat anyone in the world.    


He said, “ B.R.I.C.S. is nothing without “I” where “I” stands for India”. As India has been contributing its efforts for the past many years. The Indian government is planning to issue soil health cards to the farmers so that they can evaluate the quality of soil and on the basis of that, they come to about the minerals in the soil.  

Brain Drain and Brain Game plan of Mr. Modi:

JAM is an important mission of Indian Government and we all are supporting to bring JAM for all. It means every Indian will get connected to the Jan Dhan Yojana, Aadhaar card, and mobile governance. He said that we had opened a silent mission against corruption, for which Aadhaar cards had helped to weed out more than 5 Crore fake gas connections. Only 130 crore units have been given subsidy and it was a great saving of more than19,000 crore.

He had a long discussion about ‘brain drain’. He highlighted the point of emigration of qualified, skilled and highly trained people from a particular country. He describes India as “Bahuratna Vasundhara” – a present that could go on giving. He said. “The brain drain would be turned into a brain gain anytime.”  


“Did anyone think brain drain can become brain gain? This is not brain drain, but brain deposit,” Mr. Modi Said.

He described ‘brain drain’ as ‘brain deposit’. “No one had assumed that the brain drain could also be converted into brain gain. According to Mr. Modi, we must reverse the brain drain into brain gain.

He said, “Don’t think of this as brain drain. When the opportunity comes, it will come to the service of Mother India – with interest.”

We are planning to achieve great success in the every fast growing field, for which the brilliant young generation of India is actively participating.

Mr. Modi Vision Towards his Nation:

Mr. Modi wants to serve his nation. He said, “If I live, I’ll live for the country. If I die, I’ll die for the country.”

E-governance is easy, effective and economical governance. Mr. Modi believes that it is the combined effort of skills, knowledge, power and goals of 123 Crore people in India. He stated, “The world now accepts that this century will be India’s. And this has happened not because of me, but the 1.25 billion Indians”. Now Indian is becoming the focal point of development.

Today, the world looks at India with hope and confidence. He said that he is quite assured about the development plan of India i.e. Make In India as there is 65% young generation in India that has become the important part of this mission.

Today India is the fastest growing major economy in the world. In the last 15 months, India has achieved great success in the field of development. Even, Economic state of India has become stable. He also reported the analysis of rating agencies. According to them, among various developed nations, the economic rate of India is rising day by day.