Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 29th May 2016 addressed a huge gathering in Davangere district in Karnataka and inaugurated Ujjawal Yojana, which aims to provide cooking cylinder to every household. The event also coincided with the two years of BJP Government thus named as ‘Vikash Parv rally‘. Addressing over 1 Lakh people in Hindi Narendra Modi said, “The country has noticed the ongoing events and Government has spared no effort in working hard and has totally dedicated itself to work for the nation and common masses”. Modi appreciated and thanked over 1 crore family who surrendered their subsidy and thus saved Government’s expenditure. He hopes to see Ujjawal Yojna as one of the most successful scheme launched by the government with the likes of Jan Dhan and Krishi Yojana.

Quoting the government figures, Narendra Modi said BJP Government has been able to save ₹36000 crores due to the successful implementation of direct benefits transfer which also reduced the chance of forgery and middlemen.

Modi also mentioned various schemes for the benefit of farmers such as Irrigation scheme, crop Insurance and programmes like the opening of zero-balance bank accounts for the poor and insurance schemes attached to them as well. The government is also committed to providing LPG connections to five crore poor people over the next three years.

Talking about the drought situation, Modi said, “I have met the chief ministers of the affected states. We are focusing on irrigation and water conservation facilities. Center and states will work together to fight drought situation.” The government has addressed the grievances of state and has planned to release suitable packages for the affected area.

Overall two years of Modi Government has been above satisfactory, with many rolled out schemes reaching to the masses while so of them like Swacch Bharat Abhiyan unable to garner enough support. GDP and FDI are at all time high while there’s sharp decline in the export. All said, it’s almost certain for BJP Government to get a full mandate in 2019 going by the public surveys and favourable opinion.

Contributor: Shivaji Singh