Prime Minister Narendra Modi attended a meeting on the 125th anniversary of B.R. Ambedkar. He gave an address to the Dalit community. He wanted an end of manual scavenging. He also spoke about his dream of building a memorial of Ambedkar in Mumbai and Delhi for the Dalits. It will be an international centre.

Sri Narendra Modi expressed his regret for Manual scavenging. He wanted the society to cooperate. He plans to stop this scavenging by the poor people. He does not want to see the poor engaged in scavenging. Prime Minister talked about this in Mann Ki Baat. His government will take up the responsibility of rehabilitating those engaged in scavenging. He wants the citizens of India to be on his side. He plans to help the poor and help them get a decent life. In Bihar, the BJP wants to get support from the Dalit. There is a huge number of Dalits in Bihar. The present Chief Minister of Bihar, Sri Nitish Kumar is also concerned about this issue. The Dalit community appreciated this proposal. The results of 2014 elections had shown the Dalits have started to favor the BJP.

Modi government have provided a land for the memorial of Ambedkar in Mumbai. This land had dispute for a long time. There will be a research institute of Ambedkar in Delhi. In these institutes, research work will be carried on B.R. Ambedkar. Modi plans to solve this problem of manual scavenging in 20 months. Sri Ambedkar demanded everybody should be given the right to get proper education. But the Dalits did not get the light of education. They were exploited by the society. Among them, the girls are specially exploited by the upper castes.

Modi gave this statement as the assembly elections in Bihar will start. BJP plans to get a huge share of Dalit votes. The former Bihar CM was Jitan Ram Manjhi. He was a Musahar. Now the present CM is Sri Nitish Kumar. He is quite concerned about his ‘Mahadalit’ constituency.

There is a significant number of Dalits in UP also. The election is going to be held in 2017. BJP and Sangh Parivar have tried to talk about Ambedkar. They want to influence the people and get their support. In India, there are 201 million dalits. They are 16.6% of India’s population. According to 2011 census, the highest number of Dalits are found in Punjab (31.9%). There are many social organizations who are promoting the dalits. They are providing them education, health and employment. Though the Constitution of India abolished caste based discrimination, still this practice continues in India.

The word ‘Dalit’ comes from Sanskrit meaning suppressed or broken to pieces. Jyotirao Phule first used it in the nineteenth century. Mahatma Gandhi identified the Dalits as ‘the Children of God.’ In the traditional Hindu society, the Dalits are engaged in occupations like removing the rubbish, butchering, removing animal carvass and human waste. PM Modi wants to abolish this practice of manual scavenging. The economic status of the Dalits has to be improved. They are living below the poverty line. According to the report of Mr. Amitabh Kundu submitted at the Ministry of Minority Affairs. This report shows that 44.8% of scheduled tribe live below the poverty line. The scheduled caste living below poverty line is 33.6%. They live in villages.

Sri Vijay Goel blamed the Chief Minister of Delhi, Ms. Sheila Dixit for not contributing significantly for the Dalits. He proposed that poor families will be given low cost flats. After getting power, they will provide cooking gas connection also.

Goel proposed an end of manual scavenging. They will be given jobs in the scheduled caste quota at various departments of the government. Their vacancies will be filled immediately.

Goel decided to pay the educational expenses of books for poor. They will support needy students looking for education. They will make arrangements for private tutorial classes.

As per the requirement, BJP will give educational support with books to talented students studying in class I upto IAS aspirants. They will organize tutorial classes for them. Sri Goel said that BJP will bear the expenses for their education.

BJP plans to celebrate Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar’s birth anniversary. It will be celebrated on April 14 in Burari area in West Delhi. There will be a gathering of 10,000 people who will be taking their meal together. This meeting will improve communal harmony.

The reputed leaders of BJP like Rajnath Singh, Venkaiah Naidu, Sushma Swaraj and Nitin Gadkari will be present on the occasion. Sri Goal remarked that Delhi Government had done very little for the Dalit community. They had given a lot of promises to the community of Scheduled Castes for the last 14 years. But there is no concrete result from this proposal. Till now the departments for SC in Delhi government have not been filled.

Sri Narendra Modi’s idea of banning manual scavenging is really praiseworthy. The Dalits should be given due respect. They have been doing such work for ages and now they should be given proper education by the government. They should be given self employment training by the government. We need to uplift the poor, then our human development index will improve. We need to think about the poor people and Modi government is always beside the poorest of the poor.



Contributor: Pratanu Banerjee