With the onset of Narendra Modi government, people of India are witnessing a change. Change for the good. The attitude of the citizens is changing towards their own life. As Narendra Modi is repeatedly saying that he wishes to change and upgrade the quality of life of his people, he has done it. Jan Dhan Yojana has not been restricted to be only an investment scheme for the poor, but a total change in the mindset of people, who are earning bread and better with real hard work. I would like to throw light on this aspect with an example.

A maid in the society is earning 17000 to 18000 a month and the additional income of her husband. Still, they never had any savings and they kept on asking for some small amounts from their employers. With the introduction of Jan Dhan Yojana, people found a kind of enthusiasm that now this government will do something. The people who were employing her, educated her about the savings and importance of savings. Her first attempt was to start savings. She was not having any knowledge of banking or filling any kinds of form.

  • The biggest advantage of Narendra Modi government is channelizing functioning of the government bodies.
  • Tremendous support from banking officers was overwhelming for even educated people like us.
  • For the first time, we witnessed the care and commitment for helping the people in the banks.
  • One more advantage that how she is not able to save from this amount. We got the news that they are losing most of their money because of unavailability of documents. She has wasted a good amount of money in purchasing LPG cylinder in black from the market. This is just one aspect of wasting money.
  • Narendra Modi government introduced LPG subsidy direct credit in the bank so she geared up for applying LPG cylinder in her name as she is also having a bank account.
  • Another thing that came to her knowledge a was a requirement of the document is so necessary.

In poor of India, there is no proof of their living. People still don’t know the importance of birth certificate, Pan Card or school leaving certificate.

  • Now these people have started valuing their document. Because of illiteracy and non-use of documents, they never took it seriously. Somewhere they wrote their name is Daxa or some Daxa Ben and in some documents it is even written as Daxa bahen no track of name!
  • She started clearing discrepancy in her documents and with added advantage, she went to the school of her son and regularized all his documents.
  • Though this point is not highlighted, but it is of a great help as Indians will now be on the single record.
  • One more surprise came with her application for PAN card.

  • The quality of life, yes, it has actually started changing, the person, who was asking for money every now and then, has a total change of attitude. With a little knowledge about savings, she is now an owner of a new two-wheeler, comes to work on her two-wheelers rather than walking.
  • When Pradhan Mantri Bima Yojana was about to be introduced, the highest level of enthusiasm was seen among these people. They were happy to know that now they can also have a secure life. Before the introduction of the scheme, they were repeatedly asking for when the scheme is being launched.
  • We got one more eye opener that the person, who is having a bank account can only enroll for Pradhan Mantri Bima Yojana, her instant decision was to open an account for every person of his family. It was the moment when I realized that yes, we the upper-class people have accounts for every person of the family even a 5-year kid so this step was also required.



Contributor: Twinkle Parekh