Gordon Stanley Brown, a professor of electrical engineering in Massachusetts Institute of Technology quoted “Engineering is not merely knowing and being knowledgeable, like a walking encyclopaedia; engineering is not merely analysis; engineering is not merely the possession of the capacity to get elegant solutions to non-existent engineering problems; engineering is practicing the art of the organizing forces of technological change … Engineers operate at the interface between science and society”.

Taking a leaf out of this quote, Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi told engineers are the ones who help build a nation. Fifteenth of September is celebrated as “Engineers Day” every year. While greeting the engineers across the world on that day, this year, our PM said” Through innovation, hard work & cutting edge research, our engineers have played an anchoring role in the making of our Nation. I wish our engineers the very best & call upon them to continue to apply their skills to serve our Nation & make our engineering world class”

Modi also paid tribute to the India’s foremost engineer Sir M. Visveswarayya on his birth Anniversary; engineer’s day is celebrated in his memory. What is that he has contribute so significantly to the nation as an Engineer, that we are celebrating his birthday as Engineer’s day;

Let us understand..

Like PM urged the engineers to use their knowledge and skills in building the nation,Visveswarayya (popularly known as Sir MV) will probably be one of the few who will be topping that list, who have influenced the growth of our nation. He was academically exemplary and as soon as he passed out of Pune Engineering College he was appointed in Mumbai Public Works Department. He proved his worth as an Engineer in the next 10 years and the word spread internationally that Visveswarayya could be entrusted with any complex engineering problems. He was offered employment by many reputed companies overseas.

His enthusiasm to jump profound into the base of any issue and find a solution was highly estimable and acknowledged by his seniors as well as by the Government also. For instance, to tackle the issue of repository flood, he planned automatic sluice gates which were later reused for Lake Fife and the same outline was reused for Tigra Dam & KRS Dam also. He even went ahead to patent this configuration which qualified him for a Royalty, which he unassumingly denied so that the cash could rather be utilized by the Government for further formative works.

Further to that he worked in many parts of India and contributed to the growth of India in a massive manner. He was responsible for redesigning of Hyderabad city and improved the drainage of the city. During his period the Asia’s largest dam was built in Karnataka under his supervision. He was involved in building many railway bridges in the states he worked.

It was a glorious period for Mysore state (currently the state of Karnataka) when he took over as Dewan. It saw many changes in agriculture, irrigation, engineering, industrialisation, commerce and even in education.Indeed, even after retirement from designing & regulatory administrations, Sir MV was included in a few national boards of trustees & consultative bodies where he more than once accentuated over the part of building & innovation in national advancement. The Government of India awarded him with the country’s most noteworthy non-military personnel honour,Bharat Ratna, in acknowledgment of his devotion & commitments towards designing.

Sir MV has devoted his entire life span holding various positions in the field of Engineering and Administration which contributed towards the growth of our nation and thus it is very apt to dedicate a day for him and it is well meaningful to celebrate his birthday as Engineer’s day.

Meanwhile sometime this year, an unemployed dejected Engineering graduate wrote an open letter to PM Narendra Modi, mentioning that how difficult it is to get an employment by engineering graduates. He mentioned that engineers invest lots of money and time to acquire a degree and despite that corporates offer a very mean pay to engineers and they have enter into a contract with the company even to get that or they need a referral to get the job. Also he added that why government should allow more engineering colleges to be opened every single year in this worst scenario. It was an open letter and he requested all engineers to share this via social media so that it reaches our PM one day.

As desired by him it reached our PM and as a display of his natural concern towards people and his leadership qualities, he wrote a reply letter saying that employment is never based on a certificate or time or money invested in getting that certificate, but based on skills one has learnt. Modi has beautifully quoted in that letter, “stop complaining about lack of opportunities and start grabbing them. Stop whining about problems and start solving them.

Nobody owes you a job or a salary. It is not the job of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi to find employment for you. It is your own responsibility and it is high time that you understand this”.

As an engineer myself I would like to thank our PM for this profound message which I am sure is applicable to all youngsters who are the building blocks of our nation’s future.

Happy Engineers Day!!!