Last week of May in 2015, when government is completing its one-year tenure, NDA government has come up with one more initiative to educate our farmers in terms of increasing yield of crops and to use technology with the conventional farming. Narendra Modi has launched and dedicated this channel to farmers. Doordarshan has started this 24 hours channel keeping farmers in mind with 140 million farm households as target audiences. The government has made it a “Must Carry” channel making it mandatory for cable and direct to home (DTH) operators to provide it to subscribers. Now the number of “Must Carry” channels has been increased to 25 from 24.

This channel is mainly focused on ‘educate farmers- innovate farming’ objective. This channel would provide best agricultural practices and related content. Since agriculture covers most of our economic area so it is essential to provide important and effective technical knowledge to increase the yield of crops. On the launch of DD Kisan PM Modi said that we need to make this sector “Dynamic and Vibrant” as our farmers have been left behind due to this sluggish system.


According to PM, Country cannot move forward without the progress of these “Annadata”. We are in great need of increasing crop productivity by 50%. We have numerous skilled personals in the field of soil, seed and fertilizers industries; still we are not assisting our farmers for better productivity and knowledge. India is an agricultural driven economy so we need to work collaboratively to take country two steps ahead, especially our villages.

Narendra Modi emphasized on few points in his 40 minutes speech:

    • He correlates malnutrition with the low production of pulses. India has to depend on imported pulses to meet the requirements of edible oil and pulses. He stressed on scientific intervention in crop cultivation to increase better pulse crops and he hoped as, by 2022, we would be able to meet our domestic demand.
    • As comparing with other countries, we are still lagging behind in average grains cultivation on 2 tonne per hectare which is 3 tonne per hectare in the world average. Paddy productivity was 15-18 tonne per hectare without the help of techniques and fertilizers 200 years ago.
    • He called for increasing foodgrain productivity from 2 tons per hectare to 3 tons per hectare.
    • Modi emphasized on Multi- cropping and Diversification.
    • He also expressed his confidence that trillions of rupees spent on launching new satellites will help farmers by accurate prediction of weather.
    • Prime Minister Modi suggested farmers to adopt three- pronged approach to agriculture, which will balance farming, animal husbandry, and tree plantation.
    • DD Kisan channel will help farmers to keep an eye on weather predictions, global markets etc so they can plan accordingly.

    • Information and knowledge about farming techniques and use of technology will help farmers to gain information at their home.
    • Narendra Modi also suggested to making “Tehsil” the unit of agricultural planning and development.

Modi said as to bring outstanding changes in farming we need to work on “Mission Mode”. Today it’s a call for a better agricultural system where our farmers would play a vital role with the accurate knowledge so they can use conservative as well as advanced methods to increase crop productivity. Modi gave few instances where many farmers increase their yields by adopting modern technology in farming.

Modi also mentioned that through these channels ideas and innovations or ‘jugaad’ as they are often called, can be brought to TV viewers across the country and there can be live telecasts straight from the fields. DD Kisan will broadcast the best programs dubbed in regional languages to make it more easy and understandable to every farmer. DD Kisan will hold a competition where people would know which farmer is doing best practices with the help of technology.

The channel will start with airing fresh programs lasting six-and-a-half hours every day, which will include advisories and information on weather, pest attacks, and crop prices. There will be specific programs like Khet Khaliyan on better agronomic practices that farmers can adopt, a live program called Hello Kisan in which farmers will be able to make a phone call to seek expert opinion, and an interactive show called Ghumte Phirte. “DD Kisan will not only be for farmers, but will target different occupational groups in rural India like artisans, and will have shows on skill development”. To make it more reachable and the popular government has made Amitabh Bachchan as its Brand ambassador.

Failing the expectations of Congress party Narendra Modi did not talk about Land Acquisition Bill in his speech. Narendra Modi continuously coming up with new programs to touch every sector so we can have an overall growth in every sector and since agriculture is our biggest strength, we need to strengthen it more to give our economy a good shape.



Contributor: Sudha Ram Joshi