From the day, Narendra Modi was Chief Minister of Gujarat, both Dawoodi Bohra community and Narendra Modi has maintained good relationships. Dawoodi Bohra community is one of the sects of Islam, who are generally traders. They are located across the world. The majority population of the community is located in Surat, Gujarat. There total estimated population across the world is 1 million.

Here, we would like to draw attention towards Narendra Modi’s intellect to identify people and how to indulge them in the wellbeing of the nation. I think he eats, drink and sleep only thinking about how to improve the condition of India. He has continually shared a very soft relationship with late Syedna Burhanuddin, the then leader of Dawoodi Bohra Community. Syedna Burhanuddin Saheb was one among such religious leaders, who educated his community to work on welfare of the nation in which they reside. He himself was born in Surat, Gujarat. So he had a long association with India and Gujarat. The leadership and popularity of Burhanuddin moula was such that his community follows each and every guidance given by him. Once, he preached that always concentrate on doing business and be a job provider and majority of his community is doing business.

Narendra Modi is also of the same ideology. The shloka that he has announced after being Prime Minister was followed with him from the time, he was CM of Gujarat, “Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam”. Knowing the good nature and nationalized views of Syedna Burhanuddin Saheb, Narendra Modi never failed to pay him a visit or show respect. After the death of Burhanuddin Moula, the same cordial relationship is carried on with his son and present leader Mufaddal Moula.

Right from the moment, Narendra Modi became Prime Minister of India, Mufaddal Moula showed his all support towards him. They have actively participated in Swachch Bharat Mission. His community regularly organizes events to promote Swachch Bharat Abhiyaan.

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As a support to Narendra Modi’s venture of the international Yoga day, and knowing the benefits of Yoga, Al Jamea (a world class university of Bohra Community, where students across the world comes to study, located in Surat) has inculcated Yoga as a part of the Curriculum.

Narendra Modi has not forgotten to appreciate their venture in Bhendi Bazar of Mumbai. Bhendi Bazar of Mumbai was such an area, where it is difficult to find space to put your feet. A family of 5 stays in a house, where all of them can sleep back to back without changing sides. Ceilings are so low and dripping in a monsoon that life here is difficult to imagine. It is just the issue of space and no quality living, whereas these small pads are equipped with every good equipment such as refrigerator, TV, AC, iPad, laptop, computer and everything needed to live life.

The Dawoodi Bohra community leader showed his interest in the upliftment of Bhendi Bazar in his previous meeting with Narendra Modi and by far the project is about to get complete. The whole project was funded Bohra trust. Narendra Modi also has the same wish that the people of India have a better quality of living.

So far, in the history of India, it has been a very big renovation project, that took place in the center of a thriving city like Mumbai. Relocating people, designing, rebuilding and then rehabilitating them was a big job, but everything was done with great planning by Bohra Community.

Same type of program is going under a foster ship program of Al Jamea, where the total upliftment of left behind people of the community is done by the community and trusts in various parts of the country. To draw the attention, they are not crying for any subsidy, reservations, loans or anything from the government. A dedicated wholehearted work with thorough planning, which needs an admiration.

Schools are run by Dawoodi Bohra community giving a very good education both in English and respective state Mediums, but here students from other religions don’t have to study Bohra Curriculum. The Bohra students wait after school and then study their religious books and other religion students can move home after completion of school. This is what we can call living together with understanding.

Here, once again, we can’t end the article without praising sharp intellect to identify people, who are there for nation and can work for nation. Next he has asked association from Bohra community to help in building toilets in villages. Definitely, next year, we will hear some good from this rich association for the nation.

Twinkle ParekhContributor: Twinkle Parekh