A friend of mine raised a very interesting point, in his comment and response to my post on the gift of shawl to Nawaz Sharif’s mother by Narendra Modi. Here is the direct quote from Mehul Bhatt:

“He is steadily and firmly moving towards becoming International leader – Within 3 days he met leaders of 8 countries – He called China Prime Minister – He is spending more time on international platform where as, a new prime minister is expected to look in to domestic matters first – specially when a person is becoming first time MP and PM …”

Checkout Video: CM to PM Narendra Modi 

So, here are the points to ponder:

(I will discuss first part of it here and next part in next post)

  • From the perspective of Narendra Modi :

  1. Is he too ambitious? (ambition to become world leader)?
  2. Is he spending too much time for his ambition ignoring what is more important at hand ?

President Pranab Mukherjee, Vice President Hamid Ansari and Prime Minister Narendra Modi with heads of SAARC countries after the swearing-in ceremony at Rashtrapati Bhavan in New Delhi.

Here is my take on it:

Regardless of what actually happens, if Narendra Modi’s ambition is to become world leader, than I think that is an awesome thing for all of us. We have been talking about India becoming “World Power”, ” Super Power” etc. for long time, without having a leader with a backbone to prove it. And now, when we have a leader who can actually make it happen, we start doubting his intention. We put nice slogans like “Shoot for the moon, so even if you miss it, you will land in the stars” and “નિશાન ચૂક માફ, નહીં નીચું નિશાન” on Facebook, but when actually see it happening in front of our eyes, we go back to our own prison of thoughts that brought us to our current condition. I will be delighted to see Narendra Modi as a world leader in next 10 years, backed by solid action / result record and the finest spiritual thought process.

Another part, did he actually waste time, trying to meet all those leader ?

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What do you think ? He did not go to those leaders’ countries, he actually got them to come to India. This is called time compounding, this is called leveraging internal healthy competition between them to be the “favourite’ of the largest democracy in the world. Narendra Modi has been putting 12 plus hours a day, since day 1 of his “job”. He is addressing the “local” problems as we speak. He called the China’s leader, he did not go there on Day 1.

Here is what I think about what he did with Pakistan and China.

One of India’s biggest expense is military – protecting Pakistan and China border. Once we have working business relationship (just like USA and Canada have), we will be able to reduce the expenditure on the army and use that money to improve the quality of life of the countrymen. Leader sees more than his followers sees, he does more than his followers does and that is why he is a leader.

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