The title is making it very clear that the entire write up is about something unexpected, some sad event is discussed in it. Seeing the way it is written, the poet has lost his poetic way of writing in the entire write up. He is totally covered with the fear of some unexpected situation.  

Sakshibhaav : Chirta hriday ni vedna – agony of the torn heart- English Translation

From today morning itself, I am feeling fresh 

The determination to shun the physical illness has got successful 

I wish to shun the mental illness too 

It will be possible only with your benevolence 

Even after all these 

Why, I can hear a scream of agony of heart deep down inside? 

Why the condition of the heart is just like 

3rd and 4th December? 

The whole day is spent out in making efforts 

Then why it so now? 

Is it that some unexpected thing is happening? 

Are these the signs of some negative happenings? 

Is it that something is being looted? 


Hey mother, there are innumerable questions arising in my mind like ghosts 

Hey mother, I have total trust in you 

Such questions have not risen just like that 

The agony of a heart being torn, is just like that 

I am not ready to believe this 

Definitely, you are trying to indicate me something 


But mother, I am a human 

I am such human, who is getting emotionally poor each day 

It is becoming very difficult for me to understand 

Any kind of indications given by you 


Why are you making me do such deep introspection? 

Definitely, some inauspicious event is going to happen.. 

But mother, I have an idea 

That all this is not totally unexpected 

But, Why I am not able to see the totally clear picture? 


Anyways, mother, you have decided to make me unhappy 

Mother, anyways, I am destined to tolerate in this life 

But mother, I have trust in your righteousness 

Someday I will be able to gain a proper state of mind 

Mother, what else can I do, 

Then handing over everything in your hand? 

Commentary :

In this sakshibhaav write up, he has repeatedly addressed Maa Jagdamba, which is clearly giving an idea of the immense fear and pain he is passing through. Just like a small kid seeks his mother’s abode in situations of fear and agony, same way Narendra Modi is asking Maa Jagdamba on what is going to happen.  

When the day was about to start he has stated that he is very happy and he is feeling very fresh. He expresses his determination to come out of mental fears and once again he deeps into the state of fear and pain.  

He has experienced so much suffering in life that he feels that his present birth is only meant for passing through pain. On one hand, he is expressing his fear and on the other hand, he has immense faith in the Goddess. Even though he is getting dragged in pain of the fear, he has caught the edge of faith tightly.  

Whenever he is expressing his grief, he immediately mentions that he has never lost his trust. This trust in itself is a big motivational factor for any positive person to face the toughest situation.  

Seeing his previous state of mind and seeing today’s Narendra Modi, we can only say what an upliftment! With so many years of question and answers with the almighty, he has gained a clear vision. Perhaps, he has understood his life purpose. The strength that he has acquired as a person or as a politician in inexplicable.  

At the age of 64, where an average Indian retires from their duty and believes to live a life with minimum activity, this person called Narendra Modi is working in a way, even a youth will feel ashamed of self.  

People question against Modi’s world tours, but if a sharp eye person will observe, he is not sparing any time to take a rest.

He is completing his purpose and returning back in record times and again getting back to work. It seems as if, he wishes to complete as much work as he can in his period as India and Indian politics are only about dirty politics and no work.  

 Twinkle ParekhContributor: Twinkle Parekh