PM Modi’s dream bird of Development has taken a flight towards the region where BJP has never been a party of respected numbers in assembly. It’s like an overwhelming performance of a student who has never been in the merit list. So can we say “Modi Leher” was a fling? No, it was not.

Entrance of BJP in Eastern India:-

After Assam polls, everyone was speculating about the BJP’s situation as any elections in India are just an assessing exam for Modi government. As always this government has passed the exam with flying colors by capturing 86 seats out of 126 seats in Assamese Parliament on May 19th, 2016.

How NDA government was able to convince the masses who were being ruled by the congress party from past 15 years. What has changed this inclination of Assamese people who came out and gave a flare mandate to BJP government?

It can be called a new entrance in Northeast by NDA government. Experts were trying to assess what factors have worked in the victory of Modi in Assam.

What Factors Brought This Victory:-

The reason could be many since inception Narendra Modi never missed to mention North –East of India as an integral part of development chariot. In his every speech, Modi stressed about the North-East part of the country which always have been neglected for some reasons.

That created a confidence amongst people of North-East India. BJP’s “vision document” for Assam election was highlighted with the roadmap for Assam from 2016 to 2025.

BJP emphasized on the urge of development, people of Assam are looking for. Vision documents underlined the Congress failures and fake promises of development.

Vision document 2016-2025 promised to work closely with the Centre for “complete sealing of the Indo-Bangladesh border in the state”. It also added as they would work to act out a law about “deal sternly” with industries, small and medium enterprises and business employing infiltrators.

Their cultural integrity, tourism, and tribal heritage will be strengthening to equalize North-East with rest of India.

Chief Minister Says:-

After the victory of Assam election, Sarbananda Sonowal, BJP’s Chief Ministerial candidate thanked people of Assam who showed faith in him and his government. After results, he addressed media, ““The greater Assamese society in Assam spontaneously responded to the appeal of BJP and its alliance partners and it led us to victory”.

He added, ““The people of Assam wanted a change. They wanted their identities to be protected and protection of their culture, pride, and tradition.” He also assured about carrying out the vision documents promises and their timely implementation.

On swearing ceremony, Narendra Modi also addressed Assamese people who did not let him down and showing immense trust on Prime Minister.

Prime Minister Says:-

It was a big ceremony where over one lakh people were gathered in a public meeting. Modi said as the newly formed government would serve the people of Assam and transform the state through overall development.

He stressed about the cooperative federalism where central and state government should work together and also state should have the power to work on their own.

He also ensured people of Assam as they have chosen a person from the tribal community who will work dedicatedly for society.

One more time he stated about the eastern development of the country.

Why is this victory important for BJP?

After general election 2014 and municipal election 2015, BJP has succeeded to grab nice numbers in Assam so it was a prior base for assembly victory.

It was also important to keep the Modi wave functioning and the NDA’s work for development.

It is also a repercussion for other states and a pre-glimpse of coming elections in 2019.

Assam was also a hard to win as there were three consecutive triumphs of Congress from the year 2001 till 2014.

So it was one of the successful and encouraging wins for BJP workers and supporters who worked really hard to lay a foundation of this historic victory. Let’s hope for a better version of developed Assam in coming years.
Contributor: Sudha Ram Joshi