On his maiden visit to India, Apple CEO Tim Cook met Indian prime minister Narendra Modi on 21st May 2016 and discussed the possibility of manufacturing Apple products in India and also pool young Indian talents. Tim Cook is on his 4-day visit to India where he met many business delegates as well as attended informal dinner hosted by Shah Rukh Khan in his house. His visit is seen as a great development towards the Narendra Modi’s ambitious Make in India campaign which aims to create and make India a manufacturing hub.

Narendra Modi explained the Government’s ‘Digital India’ initiative, and identified it’s three key objectives; e-education, health and increasing farmers’ incomes. Prime Minister sought support from Apple in making these objectives viable and also encouraged Tim Cook to help the global community overcome the challenges of Cyber Crime and security.

During the meet, Tim Cook discussed with Narendra Modi issues involving data encryption and cyber-security. Tim Cook appreciated the young talent of India and also shared Apple Inc’s future plans for India. Apple CEO also launched an updated version of the popular Prime Minister’s mobile app at the meeting. Narendra Modi took on twitter to thanks, Tim Cook for the gesture.

Their meeting involved informal chat session where Cook narrated to Modi the experience in India which included a visit to Siddhivinayak temple in Mumbai and watching a cricket match in Kanpur. Cook also appreciated the ease of doing business in India, an initiative by Narendra Modi which has been given due impetus in order to appease the businessman and make business more competitive as well as effective.

In response, Narendra Modi appreciated Cook’s vision and said, “Seeing is believing, and such visits will definitely strengthen the relations and would steer business”. Narendra Modi and Tim Cook shared stories of innovation and entrepreneurship that they had come across in application development and renewable energy which Apple believe to implement in all their manufacturing plants. Tim Cook said the company is looking India as a long term partner and said it is absolutely the right time to be here as telecom firms roll out high-speed internet services.

However, the visit may take a stir as through different sources it is revealed that Tim Cook was looking for an opportunity to sell second-hand i-phones in India which are believed to irk the Government given the adherence of rules and also objections by different mobile manufacturing companies. i-phone which saw the decline in sales for the first time in the world registered 56% increase in sale in India. Apple is looking to strengthen the Indian market as an elsewhere drop in sales may affect the Apple’s operating module.

Contributor : Shivaji Singh