Narendra Modi is on the verge of laying a record of working towards Indian reforms by making foreign countries invest in India or by coming to common grounds with other countries, finding out the best for India and establishing a new relation with other nations. Whichever nation he visits, he gains something or other for the benefit of India.

It is not a simple task or you cannot be self-concentrated working just for your nation. An outlook towards the entire concept of growth and development should be for all.

The deals among the nations is always bilateral and Narendra Modi has kept a very generous approach in dealing with other nations.

His present visit to Seychelles was one of its kind. Seychelles is not a very big nation in terms of a map of the world, but it is very rich in renewable sources of energy. India is heavily populated and having high consumption of energy in all forms. Looking at the future, planning for renewable sources of energy is the need of time. Meeting with the Seychelles and agreement on renewable sources of energy shows that Indian government is not only thinking of the present moment, but has also started planning for the future.

Seychelles is also holding an important position in ocean for security purpose of water line borders. It was like shooting two aims with one arrow. India is trying to make its security strong in ocean bodies  and Seychelles visit is an indication towards that.

There were four bilateral agreements signed between India and Seychelles. The fields are hydrography, renewable energy and security. The event took place at State House.

Narendra Modi announced that Indian government is providing Seychelles another aircraft made by Dornier. India also gave a coastal surveillance radar system. It will help in the surveillance of the EEZ.In this way, India will help Seychelles to have their own radar and with this radar Seychelles can keep watch in activities going into ocean for both India and Seychelles.

Narendra Modi offered a visa waiver for citizens of Seychelles visiting India. At the same time, he invited people of Seychelles to Make in India. This is the style of dealing of Narendra Modi.    India has started progressively looking towards the renewable energy production. Indian government wants the poor to have access to the universal energy.   Narendra Modi proudly asserted that India wants to grow from megawatts to gigawatts for generating renewable energy production.

  Seychelles delegate was quite impressed to see the interest shown by the Indian government. They found India’s proposals to be very promising. They called their economy as a Blue Economy. Blue here is related to ocean and whatever resources the Seychelles is having is through the ocean. It means the ownership by the regional states about the resources in our oceans. These are available surrounding the islands  and coasts.  

Narendra Modi said that We have a strong security partnership. Maritime security is quite important.   India feels privileged to be a partner of Seychelles. Both countries want to improve the security. The Seychelles bilateral tie up will basically help India build a strong security in water bodies and search out for alternate sources of energy.  

The agreement will help Seychelles to conserve and preserve the beautiful islands as well as the water bodies. They will take care of Indian Ocean Region security. The hydrographic survey is crucial for the maritime cooperation. Above all, Seychelles has confidence in India.   They are going to be a partner in human resource development and capacity building in Seychelles and they are the largest recipient of Indian help. They are interested in expanding in the future.  

We should appreciate far sightedness of Indian government to identify from the minimum. Seeing the size and population of the Seychelles, some other country would have overlooked it, but India has identified the potential and approached with all the positivity for the development of both nations.