Hi Friends

May 26, 2014 marks the beginning of the golden era of Independent India.

Next 15 years will be considered the most important years for India, which will affect each and every Indians positively, the ripple effect of which will impact generations to come!!

Everyone has his/her own understanding of God.


Spirituality is not about a specific religion, its all about understanding our existence in the whole cosmos and our relation to everything else in the cosmos.

Narendra Modi is setting an example of true स्थितप्रग्न (Sthithapragna) Karma Yogi with (साक्षी भाव )Sakshi Bhaav.

स्थितप्रग्न (Sthithapragna) because he is not attached to the result, but he does get the results. Its all about having same steady attitude and emotions regardless of outer circumstances.

(साक्षी भाव )Sakshi Bhaav means living the life like a duck in the water, who does not get wet, despite being in the water. Its all about witnessing from within while the body is doing the action.

And The Karmayogi is the one who attains his/her salvation through action.

Knowledge of spirituality alone may be good, but when that knowledge is applied , that is when one becomes Karma Yogi.

It took him 63 years to reach today’s day, but I strongly believe that this was the day he took birth in this physical form. Everything he did so far was meant to bring him to this point, where he can be a catalyst for the change.

I am glad to be alive and witnessing this turn in the history of India and world too.

Every action of Narendra Modi and people he is mentoring will have some learning for us that will add value to our life.

This website  is the first step towards creating a compilation of those actions with its analysis from the perspective of life lessons that we all can learn.


Rakesh Shah, MD
Atlanta, GA, USA
May 26, 2014 6 11 PM