Whether you are a Modi supporter or not but you must know 10 best qualities every youth should adopt from Narendra Modi. This article will not talk about any ideology on party basis but about those qualities which make you apart from the rest of the world. Success is not a chance only; it’s a result of successive decisions and hard work. Narendra Modi has a magnificent persona and his rivals cannot deny it. When India was realizing his presence in the political world, a new word has been invented as “Modi Lehar” and it was itself an adjective to describe him. Let’s read what qualities youth should adopt from him:

  1. Confidence: We have always heard of Confidence is the Key to Success. Narendra Modi proves it to be true. Modi has tremendous confidence which puts him out of the league. Confidence in strategies, his ideas, his decisions and his direction is one precious asset of him. Confidence comes from self-reliance and he is so well connected with himself as he harmonizes his mind and actions. His body language, stance, and appearance contain immense self-belief. So no matter where you come from? Or what are the obstacles you face; eventually confidence will bring you out from all the hap hazards in life.Just See how confident Narendra Modi made Arnab Goswami sweat in live TV interview:

  1. Discipline: Discipline in life is as essential as salt in food. Disciplined life is not to wake up at sharp 4AM, don’t confuse yourself with its negative connotation. Discipline is basically Self-Control. Narendra Modi had a powerful impact of RSS which inculcated the discipline as basic virtue in him. As a swayamsevak, he led a life where he followed instruction and rules. Discipline works in every corner of your life whether it is your personal or professional life. Acquiring discipline ensures your chances to meet up the targets under the given time and makes you more competent.
  1. Fitness: Most of the youth is fighting with this phobia of being fit and hitting gym daily. Fitness is not a compulsion, it’s a way of living. Nowadays the youth has become reluctant towards their fitness and more concern is to be successful. It’s a saying, Healthy body, Healthy Mind. Narendra Modi has a belief in our natural fitness techniques which is Yoga. He also inspired world to adopt a Yoga in their lives in G20 summit. He set an example of fitness and energy in front of the world by Yoga and balanced diet. Narendra Modi at this age works more than any youngster. He travels a lot and along with mental fatigue but Yoga is the one shield who keeps him active, self-motivated and safe.

  1. Analytical Skills: Over the years, many politician has marked their presence but Narendra Modi has that one skill which makes him more endearing to everyone. His analytical skills amaze people. He has a curious mind which keeps digging answers to every possible question. Narendra Modi travels a lot which gives him understanding of different people and their lifestyles. If we talk about his policies, not a single policy would be there which does not have his imprint on it. Curiosity helps him to analyze every facet of the situation, strategy, and people. Make in India, Swachh Bharat, Digital India is few examples of his reach up to the 5-year old kid.
  1. Oratorical Skills: If you want to make world hear about you, you have to speak. Narendra Modi is one of the best orators of this century. After years of sluggish politics, one man has come with his wakening style of speech. Why Indian democracy has witnessed such a vital change with the majority government? It’s the Modi effect. Modi is loved to be heard by everyone. His vigorous speech style blows life in any latent mind. His speeches are well woven with an inspiring vocabulary as it ignites energy. When we talk about best speeches of Indian political history, Modi almost tops the chart. Independence Day speech, Republic Day speech, Madison Square, New York Speech, G20 Summit Speech, Allphones Arena Speech in Sydney or Answering on thanking note of president in Lok Sabha are just few examples of his oratorical skill.


  1. Leadership Quality: Coming from a small village and then becoming head of the biggest democracy seems like a dream but Narendra Modi has lived this dream up. How many of us dare fulfill our dreams? To go ahead you have to be a free horse without any halter and that leadership comes from empathizing with everyone. To lead others, you need to understand them and Narendra Modi possess this peculiar virtue. Modi is now a world known figure due to his leadership quality. There is no any leader from the world politics who has been unaffected from his charm. He leads his ideas in a positive direction which makes him “Man of Action”. Barack Obama is one of his admirers and Times Person of the Year award makes it evident as he possesses a strong hold on people.

  1. Progressive Thinking: To move ahead, you need to open for progress and development. Starving for positive changes will bring you closer to the perfection. Narendra Modi is a progressive thinker. He sees big room of reforms and improvement in every ambit. In India after 60 years of independence who raised voice for cleanliness, it was him to bring this monstrous problem in front of the nation. Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao, Digital India, Solar Energy, Skill Development etc establish him as a progressive thinker. He is a great supporter of Technology. He wants India to grow in technology and research area and keep making effort to understand and bring new technologies to the development. Modi has won this much of the majority due to his development-oriented image.
  1. Decision Power: Your decision decides where you would be in the future. As a chief minister, Mr. Modi has always been a concern for implementation of his schemes and policies. Narendra Modi has been quick for his decision he took. He pronounces many policies and he did not put them in papers and that’s make him one of the best administrator.

  1. Reluctant to Negative Publicity: What people say for you should not bother you until you are determined to big a thing. To pursue your dreams, you should not feed negative aura around you. No politician has been publicizing so negatively as Narendra Modi had been. Media and opposition attacked him by calling him an extremist, communal and even murderer of humanity but Narendra Modi never paid any attention to these distracting elements. For him serving India and making him a best country was utmost responsibility and dream. Negative Popularity did not deter him an inch from his path.
  1. Connected to People: Alone you cannot taste a victory and defeat. To compete, you have to be with others and for that you need to connect with them. Narendra Modi is well connected to Kids, youth and elderly people which prove his power of connectivity. When he starts a speech, he addresses brothers and sisters which include audience to connect with his speech and thoughts. Narendra Modi has always been connected to everyone. His desire of being connected to the last row of India is so fierce as he chose radio to do that. Mann Ki Baat is one of those sensitive approaches to connect with people of small to the smallest village.

These were the 10 qualities every youth should adopt from Narendra Modi. These Qualities will help you to go ahead in your life. Resources do not make a great human but Virtues do.



Contributor: Sudha Joshi